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Blogs!?!?! I Ain't No Blogger!

Updated: Oct 5, 2019

This is me shooting a couple elk in Yellowstone National Park

Hello blog readers. I'm Jim Uhing and this is my story.

I'm from the Pittsburgh, PA area. I moved to Orlando, FL in 1989. I was a graphic designer for many years. I worked for myself for many years and at one point took on a full time job with a sports supplement company. That job paid pretty well for a graphic designer. I always loved photography and worked that in as part of my job. I learned a lot shooting fitness models and body builders. That job allowed me to live in a big house and have many toys. But that job was not enjoyable to me. It just wasn't my thing. I hated going to work every day. Then I met my person. She told me her story of being a successful real estate agent and making good money, but hating it. She quit her job and became a Bikram Yoga instructor not making nearly as much money, but enjoying her life. That inspired me. So I started setting myself up for a career change. I sold my house and just about everything else that was costing me money and causing me stress. I moved into her little 1934 bungalow and worked on building a new career. This was less than a year ago. I've built my website, got more into social media and started getting out there shooting wildlife, nature and whatever else makes me happy. One day I hope to move where there is more big wildlife, like Montana or even Alaska. The next step everyone keeps telling me is you need to blog. HUH? I don't want to blog. Well here I am blogging. I'm gonna give this a whirl and see how it goes. I have no idea what I'm doing, but hopefully enough of you will find it interesting enough to stay tuned. I plan to blog about my experiences, photography, wildlife, travel and anything else I think people might want to hear. I hope to post a blog once a week. If I have it figured out correctly, you should be able to sign up to get an email alert when I post something new. Any pointers, tips or advice are always welcome. Thanks for reading!

Whew! One blog down.

If you would like to be notified of new blog posts, subscribe here. If you want to see more pictures deer and other wildlife and my other photography that I post almost daily, follow me on instagram or facebook by clicking on the links above and liking my page. I appreciate your support!

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