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Fort Clinch State Park

In addition to photography, I also like to camp...well most call it glamp. Yes I bring the RV. I've done my share of tent camping, but you gotta kick it up a notch eventually, right? Glamping in the RV compliments the whole nature, travel, wildlife photography thing. I particularly like to visit National and State Parks. Recently we visited Fort Clinch State Park. It's one of the original Florida State Parks opening in 1938. Fort Clinch is located on the Northern end of Amelia Island.

Whether you like history, wildlife, biking, hiking, kayaking, fishing or just hanging out on the beach, there's something for you here. We really liked it and are already planning a longer stay next time.

The first thing you notice as you drive through the park are the Oak covered roads...very cool. Once you're in the park you can visit the fort, hit the trails or enjoy the beach.

There is a 6 mile mountain biking loop that is awesome. It can be a bit challenging for beginners to moderate riders, but I loved it. Full of hairpin turns, hills and dips, it kept your adrenaline going and made for a great workout.

While we were there, they hosted a ranger-guided kayak tour. At that time it was totally free.

This was the bakery at Fort Clinch. Occasionally they fire up the ovens and bake bread for guests even today.

The fort is also very cool. I believe there was a $2.50/person entry fee. You can check out all the chambers from where the guns and canons were shot. You can also visit the many rooms inside where everything happened. If you're lucky, you can get a guide to tell you more about how things went down back in the day. It's pretty fascinating. Since I was carrying a nice camera and tripod, a guide actually approached us and invited to open some of the rooms that weren't accessible to the other guests. That was a nice gesture and very much appreciated. The photo here is the bakery. He explained to us how the baking was done back then and they occasionally do it today for visiting guests.

There are two campground loops and they are quite different...the beach side and the river side. Beach side is exactly're right out there by the campsites with lots of sun. We stayed on the river side, which is my preference. Very spacious, shaded, wooded sites. There's electric and water hookups, but no sewage. So conserve your bathroom and water usage and hit the dump station on the way out. But, the bathroom/shower facilities are very nice and well-kept...the nicest I've seen at any campground or park.

So if you get the chance, check out Fort Clinch State Park. Camp or just visit for the day. There is lots to do.

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