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Gone Fishing

I felt due to go shoot some birds. No I don't mean with a gun and no I don't mean with my finger. A good go-to spot in Central Florida for birds is Orlando Wetlands Park. So I got there just before sunrise. I took my bike to get around quicker. It's a big place to walk. I rode to the back where there seemed to be a lot of activity. Lots of egrets and herons making noise. I soon realized they were all fishing. I saw many of them with fish in their mouths...some too big to swallow as their eyes must have been bigger than their mouths.

I also heard a lot of splashing. The gators were fishing too. This is the first I've seen this myself. You could watch the gators sit real still and then turn, swim and push themselves out of the water to grab a fish. There were several of them doing this. It was pretty cool. So I focused on trying to capture it. The main picture shows one of them just after he grabbed a fish. One thing I noticed after I got home and went through my photos is they weren't always successful. Just like us humans, they didn't always get the catch. Look closely at this photo below. You can see the fish flying out in front of the gator's splash.

Another day, another new experience. Hope you enjoy the pics.

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